Our Story
A dream come true in the jungle of Belize!
We (Jeff & Cheryl) moved to the 'wilds' of Belize from the 'wilds' of Minnesota in 2014. 

Since moving to Belize we purchased some land on the Macal River, built our own home, and our guest casita.  At least one more casita is planned for the future, maybe more? :-)
We have extensive experience in the hospitality industry with over 33 years of combined experience at Walt Disney World and another 10+ years of joint experience in owning our own restaurant, herb farm and Bed & Breakfast in the states.  We definitely know what it means to exceed our guests' expectations!
Born & raised in Michigan, Jeff ventured to Florida where he met & eventually married Cheryl (born & raised in Florida).  We both grew up camping and love nature with all it has to offer.  However, as we grew older we realized that camping was maybe a 'bit' too rustic.  There's a lot to be said for electricity, running water and a comfy bed!
So, here we are in Cristo Rey, Belize with our 2 dogs from the States, Duncan & Fiona, and our Belizean dog adoptee, Milo - in an AMAZING location full of wonder & delight on a daily basis ~ that we can't wait to share with you!
We look forward to meeting you soon!