Cristo Rey Village, Cayo Belize
We hope you have an AMAZING stay!
We are located in the heart of Cristo Rey Village which is uniquely located between San Ignacio and the Mountain Pine Ridge area of the Cayo District.   Cristo Rey was settled initially by the Mayans and much of that cultural influence still exists.  In fact, there is a genuine Mayan Mound on our property.  We find Mayan pottery every time we look! And you will find some too (but it can't go with you).
Cristo Rey is nestled in the foothills of the jungle directly on the Macal River.  And while we are in the jungle, we are still in a village - so there are quite a few amenities available within walking distance, including local cuisine, food shops, gift shop, and bus/shuttle service. There is no other lodging on the Macal that is as conveniently located as we are!
There are also lots of jungle sounds, including Howler Monkeys, chakalakas (type of bird), parrots, parakeets, toucans and any other number of local inhabitants, including the occasional village barking dog, and of course there are roosters!
Belize is where the birds croak, butterflies click, monkeys roar and geckos chirp!  This is our nice way of explaining that the sounds of nature are alive and well in our little slice of the jungle!

Please note we are a non-smoking property.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property.
  1. Seasonal Fruit
    Seasonal Fruit
    Pick your own fruit (when in season) from any of our fruit trees/plants. Many of our fruit trees are still maturing, but plenty are already producing, including avocados, bananas, limes & pineapples.
  2. 'The Showers'
    'The Showers'
    This is one of the best kept secrets in Cristo Rey! This waterfall and picnic area is off the beaten path, but within walking distance! This is not a 'well known' tourist waterfall. And it's 100% Free!
  3. Birding
    I took this photo 10 feet from our front door! We have dozens and dozens of birds that visit our property year-round, from Toucans to Parrots to Squirrel Cuckoos...... and everything in between!
  4. Flora & Fauna
    Flora & Fauna
    If you like nature, it is at your doorstep here! I took this photo on a tree very close to the guest casita.
Kitchen Facilities
Shuttle to Town
$1.00 usd
Free Kayak, Innertubes and Bicycles
We  have a grill, frig and other shared outdoor kitchen facilities available for our guests to use during their stay at no extra charge.  There's a grocery store right across the road from us.  Tell Miss Lillian we sent you!

We've recently added two raised garden beds where we grow herbs and vegetables. You are welcome to anything ready to harvest! Herbs growing include, basil (several varieties), parsley, marjoram, oregano, garlic chives, tarragon, lemon balm, dill, catnip, sage, rosemary & mint! Veggies include tomatoes, onions, lettuce, hot peppers, and more!
Let Otto, our village shuttle service provider, pick you up right at our property and take you into town and bring you back for $1.00 usd each way.  We are also on the main bus line which costs .75 cents usd each way.  Bus & Shuttle service runs Mon-Saturday (but not on Belize holidays)
Take a self-guided tour up or down the Macal River in our 2-person Kayak or one of our innertubes.  Or bike ride up to 'The Showers.' And the best part . . . it's FREE!
Why Glamping?
When glamping, you don’t just visit the destination, you experience the destination.  Glamping, 'Glamorous Camping' combines the intimacy of camping with the comforts of home.
Lucky Dreamer is located in a jungle village that provides just the right combination of seclusion, and easy access to the adventures of a lifetime.
We are 3.5 miles from the Santa Elena/San Ignacio turnoff to the Mountain Pine Ridge.
This is a photo I took at Rio on Pools, in the Mountain Pine Ridge.